Gallery of Art

Public Art & Other Projects

Painted Bee Hive Boxes (set) – to be Auctioned at the 2017 Oregon Honey Festival (Ashland, Oregon)

Polar Bear Cub Sculpture for Evergreen Federal Bank’s 2017 BearFest ~”Polar Peter Pumpkin Eater” (Grants Pass, Oregon)


Deer Sculptures (Mother Deer & Baby Deer) for Evergreen Federal Bank’s “Bear Hotel” (Southern Oregon Adventure Exhibit (Grants Pass, Oregon)


2016 Oregon Honey Festival Poster & T-Shirt Image ~ Original Pen & Ink Drawing (Ashland, Oregon)

Painted Wine Barrel for 2016 Oregon Wine Experience (Jacksonville, Oregon)


Acrylic Paintings, Banners & Murals

Schnauzer Mural Panel for Nursery


Addison’s Schnauzer Mural Panel : Felicity, Jasper (angel) & Jackson

Square Floral Watercolor Paintings (10″ x 10″)


Assorted Watercolor Paintings


Paper Dolls & Coloring Book Pages & Images

Artist Trading Cards ( mostly 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″)

Other Miscellaneous Art



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