Rejuvenated & Inspired after Visiting the Beach!

M family just got back from a 11-day trip to California.  We had a great time!  We spent pretty much every day at the beach, which was HEAVEN!  And, every day at the beach was different!  We walked along the beach, made sand castles, splashed in the waves, collected shells & seaweed & rocks & sand dollars, my daughter learned to boogie board, we watched sunsets, seagulls, pelicans, sand pipers, and saw some dolphins swim by (which we at first thought were sharks!)  We got sandy, and sunburnt, hot and sometimes cold from the wind.  We even watched fireworks at the beach!

I took LOTS of photos!

We didn’t just visit one beach, either.  In total during our trip – we visited at least 9 beaches, and all of them were different – they even had different sand!  but, we DID visit our favorite beach (Arroyo Burro Beach – a.k.a. Hendry’s Beach – in Santa Barbara) often!

We may not get to go to the beach again for a while – might be weeks, or months!  But, for right now I feel very lucky to have been to the beach so much over the last week or so!

I have a lot of photos that are great inspiration for future paintings, too!

Here are some of the beaches we visited:


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