“Two Bee or Not to Be?” In the Southern Oregon Magazine! (Spring 2016)

Just found a copy of the Southern Oregon Magazine, and saw my “Two Bee or Not to Bee” painting on page 33 – for the upcoming National Honey Bee Day (August 20).  How exciting!  I had provided the image to Sharon who organizes the Oregon Honey Festival, because she said she was looking for some “Bee Art” to submit for an article.  And, so I did – not totally knowing what it was going to be for.  She later emailed me with a digital version of the page for the Southern Oregon Magazine.  It was so much more exciting to find it in an actual magazine – in printed form!  Wow!  How cool to be included as part of National Honey Bee Day!  I am honored!

Two Bee or Not to Be w: Watermark

I originally painted it when I was preparing to participate in the 2014 Oregon Honey Festival as a vendor.  I created greeting cards & prints of the image.  Then the next year the same image was used on the cover of the 2015 Southern Oregon Lavender Trail brochure.  This image is really getting around!  I painted from a photo I found online which had just one bee in it.  I added a second honey bee, and a couple more stems of lavender in the background.  I named it “Two Bee or Not to Be?” (there’s a slight typo in the name in the magazine) to reference the famous quote from Hamlet “To be or not to be, that is the question” – partly because the Oregon Honey Festival takes place in Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but also because of the decline in honey bees.  In my opinion – two bees are always better than one bee (or no bees).


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