Painting for the Belle Fiore Wine Bottle Label Contest

I’ve been painting lately – quite a bit.  I’m currently working on a painting I will be entering into this year’s Wine Bottle Label Contest for the Belle Fiore Winery in Ashland – for their “Belle Arte” 2015 wine.  Last year I entered, and got 2nd Place, which was sort of exciting, but with 2nd Place all you really get is a ribbon.  So, I’m trying for it again, and am approaching it differently.  This year (like last year) my husband went wine tasting there – to get some inspiration for my painting.  And, this time I really did feel inspired (and got quite tipsy!) while wine tasting.  Our wine-pourer, Michael, ended our session by singing us a french song – “La Vie En Rose.”  It was amazing – he was amazing!  It was so heart-felt.  And afterwards, we asked what the song was about, and he then re-iterated the entire song and translated each line for us.  Wow!  He told me, before he began singing, that he wanted to inspire me with the song, and it worked!  So, I have begun painting a picture of grapes and roses, with pink glasses in front of a portion of the painting – which makes that area look pinker.  I think I may be almost half-way done with the painting – good thing because entries are due this weekend!  Wish me luck!  And, I will be posting the final painting soon – in my online gallery here on this site.


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